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What Is The Best Way To Sell Commercial Equipment & Machinery?


With the strike of a gavel! True Blue Auctions is your resource for commercial assets using the market based bidding process.  

What Are More And More Business Owners Realizing?

In ANY market more and more business owners are realizing that in order to liquidate it requires a more aggressive marketing approach that puts sellers in control of the sale and produces top dollar by forcing buyers to make a decision.


This is what we love to do and provide exceptional results.  We are focused and committed auctioneers with proven results.

We produce the market...

You realize the value...

Imagine you could reach the people who have sincere interest in your property, invite them to a meeting at your business, and if they can’t show up in person they can still participate by phone or through a website. What’s the purpose of the meeting? You have decided upon the day you want your commercial & business assets sold live on site, online and by phone. You can see the anticipation as those in attendance, on the phone and those online compete in real time for the right to own your property… Well, you just envisioned what Dreibelbis Auctions provides for businesses owners and buyers. It is the most advanced live auction strategy in the world. This unique sales approach increases the buying pool for your property by facilitating real time competition between bidders at your business assets and those participating online and by phone through The only difference between the imagined scenario above and the real thing is we aggressively market your commercial & business equipment & machinery, preparing buyers in advance so that they come to the auction ready to make their highest and best bid.  

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Commercial liquidation auction services of selling business property is the effective way to meet the needs of companies and business owners.

Dreibelbis Auctions provides commercial and industrial auctions services for companies of any size and at any location. We at Dreibelbis Auctions work with our clients to make sure that each step of the auction process will bring the highest return on their assets.

Let Dreibelbis Auctions show you how we work to bring in the highest returns and use technology to effectively market and sell your excess inventory, used and new equipment, or liquidate the assets of your business or company with targeted market research, descriptive listings with professional photography, online auction bidding and secure payment processing with the best customer service.

We work with people and companies of all sizes ranging from the small kiosk to the multi-million dollar business doing everything possible to bring the highest possible return on their assets.Even with equipment held in collateral or by personal guarantee you can use the auction method to help bring liquidity to your assets.

Contact Us and find out more information about how we can provide you with the auction services on a timetable that meets your requirements and best suit your needs.  We’ll discuss your commercial and/or industrial business needs and do a preliminary assessment of whether your business is a good candidate for a True Blue Auction.  If your business appears to be a suitable candidate and it is your best interest, we will send our experienced auction marketing specialists to visit the property and plan the most efficient and effective way of meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

After the visit and in-depth evaluation are completed, our marketing team will develop a campaign specifically designed to market your property.  This will come to you in the form of a proposal, which will include a detailed media plan for advertising in venues that will maximize the value and provide you the best results for your property type.  Once you have approved the plan we will meet with you to discuss our True Blue Auction agreement, our team of professionals will begin putting the campaign into action.  

The Dreibelbis Auction project manager will be your single point of contact and serve as a liaison to our entire team of professionals.  The project manager will visit your property so that he or she can provide our marketing specialists with all of the information needed to carry out a successful campaign.  During the marketing campaign, brochures, advertisements, web marketing and other media will saturate the appropriate target market.  Every detail, from legal work to signs, will be carefully implemented to ensure a smooth and successful sale. Throughout the entire campaign, you will be provided with weekly update reports that track our progress.  These efforts will culminate with the True Blue Auction event itself.

On sale day, bidders will begin registering a few hours before the designated auction time.  Dreibelbis Auction bid assistants will circulate among the bidders to answer questions before the auctioneer explains the terms of auction.  From start to finish the Dreibelbis Auctions team will be working with your best interests in mind doing everything possible to help you get the greatest return on your assets.

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