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Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Discovering True Value For Properties of Distinction & Exclusivity Higher Sales Prices Are Commanded Only By Auction Where Top Dollar Is Realized


What Is The Best Way To Reveal The Value Of Luxury Real Estate?


With the strike of a gavel! Dreibelbis Auctions is your resource for selling the finest properties using the market based bidding process.  

What Are More And More Home Owners Realizing?

In ANY market more and more sellers are realizing that in order to sell their luxury real estate it requires a more aggressive marketing approach that puts sellers in control of the sale and produces top dollar by forcing buyers to make a decision.


This is what we love to do and provide exceptional results.  We are focused and committed auctioneers with proven results.

At Dreibelbis Auctions our reputation as the primary auction marketing firm selling the finest in high-value real estate in the area you can be confident selling and buying quality properties.

Selling luxury properties requires talents and abilities that are alien to many auctioneers & companies whose experience is limited. Some of the advantages of selling your luxury home or property in a Dreibelbis auction.

We are technology & media savvy. We know what works and where the qualified buyers obtain search for properties. You benefit from our exclusive partnerships that help you get the most exposure with the best cost to benefit available.

We have an integrated marketing approach. Not only do we feature your property on www.DreibelbisAuctions.com, but we also use our proprietary database to target brochures, email blasts and other media to buyers who have specifically requested information about properties like yours.

We provide expert attention to detail. We flourish in concentrating on detail to make sure that each aspect of your auction is conducted appropriately to guarantee a successful auction event. The more complex your sale, the more creative we become to surpass, with professionals in every facet of the auction marketing process, from strategy to public relations to presenting staff.

With Dreibelbis Auctions we eliminate price reductions, contingencies, carrying costs, taxes and closing costs and provide you with accelerated market to closing with prices realized higher than traditional sales methods.

Contact us today to learn more and receive a free marketing consultation.

We produce the market...

You realize the value...

Imagine you could reach the people who have sincere interest in your property, invite them to a meeting at your home, and if they can’t show up in person they can still participate by phone or through a website. What’s the purpose of the meeting? You have decided upon the day you want your home sold live on site, online and by phone. You can see the anticipation as those in attendance, on the phone and those online compete in real time for the right to own your property… Well, you just envisioned what Deibelbis Auctions provides for real estate sellers and buyers. It is the most advanced live auction strategy in the world. This unique sales approach increases the buying pool for your property by facilitating real time competition between bidders at your property and those participating online and by phone through DreibelbisAuctions.com. The only difference between the imagined scenario above and the real thing is we aggressively market your residential, commercial or undeveloped property, preparing buyers in advance so that they come to the auction ready to make their highest and best bid.


Real Estate AuctionAre You Under A Deadline Or Feeling Pressure To Get Your Home Sold ? We can help! How Long Do You Want To Wait For Someone To Find Your Home And Negotiate Your Listed Price Down ? The Auction Method Is Able To Do All Of This Where Traditional Real Estate Just Is Not Able. So How Long Can You Afford To Wait ? Contact Us Today And Let Us Help You Get Your Real Estate Sold And Closed In 60 Days Or Less. Why Not Have Us Force The Market To Bear On Your Real Estate And Make People Compete For Ownership ? Forget The Inspections, And Demands Sellers Make On A Contingent Offer To Buy And Still Walk Away For Whatever Reason They Choose At Closing. We Will Sell Your Property Without Contingencies And In Its Present Condition.

We Will Bring People Who Will Bring A Fair Deposit Amount Of Money To The Table And Close Within 30 Days Of The Sale. We Even Have A Back-Up Plan In Place Where You Will Keep The Deposit And We Will Contact The Bidder Who Lost The Sale By A Thousand Dollars To Come And Buy The Property With His Last Highest Bid.

Better Yet, You Will NOT Pay Any Taxes And No Closing Costs.  The Auction Method Is Able To Do All Of This Where Traditional Real Estate Just Is Not Able. So How Long Can You Afford To Wait? Contact Us Today And Let Us Help You Get Your Real Estate Sold And Closed In 60 Days Or Less. We have a better way for Real Estate Auctions Today Sellers want the best value in the most reasonable amount of time. Buyers are looking for properties at a fair price without being inconvenienced. Auctions Provide a Clean, Time Definate, Exchange Between the Parties and Traditionally Allows the Buyer to Minimize the Number of Intermediaries Separating Him/Her from the Seller. Auctions are an Efficient Means of Selling and Buying Real Property.

Real Estate Auction1From Rural Estate, Farms, Historic Mansions, Vacation Property, Commercial Property or the disposition of Real Estate Owned (REO) Property or the Benefits that Families, Individual Owners, Fiduciaries and Corporate Sellers Experience from the Competitive Environment of Vibrant Bidding is what We Provide. When Time is Money and You Want Quick Results, True Blue Auctions Can Get Your Property Sold and Closed Fast. In 75 Days or Less We Can Have Your Home Marketed, Sold and Closed so Both Seller and Buyers Benefit the Most. The Dreibelbis Auctions Team Will Help You with Everything from Property Evaluation and to Assist You in Setting a Reserve, Handling All Marketing and Selling the Real Estate at Auction, through the Approval and Closing when You Receive Your Cash. True Blue Auctions is Able to Target and Reach Potential Buyers to Help You Achieve the Highest Results for Your Property. Dreibelbis Auctions Will Serve You Regardless of Where the Property is Located within the United States. Contact Us to Make Your Arrangements to Have Your Real Estate Sold Today.


Real Estate CalculatorAt Dreibelbis Auctions we think outside the box a with our clients best economic interests first.  Because the auction method is like no other when it comes to being the most clear and concise method of selling it is easy to structure auctions where sellers pay no closing costs or transfer taxes.  Our clients deserve nothing but the best and cost conscious representation is what we specialize in maximizing savings and return on your investment.  Contact Us today and let us help you understand more about how we can custom tailor an auction to suit your economic best interests.

Use our Custom Built Real Estate True Market Value Calculator where you can use your own numbers to see first hand how the auction method is able to produce you top dollar over traditional methods with data that Agents/Realtors provide.   Go To Calculator