Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Discovering True Value For Properties of Distinction & Exclusivity Higher Sales Prices Are Commanded Only By Auction Where Top Dollar Is Realized

At Dreibelbis Auctions our reputation as the primary auction marketing firm selling the finest in high-value real estate in the area you can be confident selling and buying quality properties.

Selling luxury properties requires talents and abilities that are alien to many auctioneers & companies whose experience is limited. Some of the advantages of selling your luxury home or property in a Dreibelbis auction.

We are technology & media savvy. We know what works and where the qualified buyers obtain search for properties. You benefit from our exclusive partnerships that help you get the most exposure with the best cost to benefit available.

We have an integrated marketing approach. Not only do we feature your property on, but we also use our proprietary database to target brochures, email blasts and other media to buyers who have specifically requested information about properties like yours.

We provide expert attention to detail. We flourish in concentrating on detail to make sure that each aspect of your auction is conducted appropriately to guarantee a successful auction event. The more complex your sale, the more creative we become to surpass, with professionals in every facet of the auction marketing process, from strategy to public relations to presenting staff.

With Dreibelbis Auctions we eliminate price reductions, contingencies, carrying costs, taxes and closing costs and provide you with accelerated market to closing with prices realized higher than traditional sales methods.

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